Sesame Street Cupcakes!

ImageA very special little boy we know turned 1 recently and we decided to make these cute little cupcakes for him. There were so many Sesame street characters to choose from but personally I really like these three in particular. In order to make these delicious cupcakes, first pick a recipe and make 12 cupcakes, I used chocolate as you can never go wrong with chocolate cupcakes, simple yet yummy!

ImageHere’s a list of the other supplies you’ll need:

Wilton Tips: #3 (for black icing) #17 (for yellow icing) #233 (for blue and green icing)

Icing Gels: Golden Yellow, Sky Blue, Moss Green and Black

Food Paintbrush


Marshmallows (8 mini ones or 4 regular size ones)

1 batch of Royal Icing (divided into 3 bowls plus some extra leftover)

Fondant: red, brown and pink (about the size of a golf ball of each)

To make the right colours I used Wilton Icing Gels. I used Moss Green, Sky Blue and Golden Yellow. For Cookie Monster and Oscar I used the Wilton Icing Tip #233 to cover the cupcake in “hair”. For big bird it was a little bit more complicated than that (but not much, I promise).

I used two mini marshmallows to make his beak, you could also cut one big marshmallow in half. I used the royal icing like glue to affix the marshmallow to the cupcake and then with Wilton tip #17 I covered the marshmallow in yellow “stars”. Image

 I left the inside of the beak white and mixed a couple drops of water and Wilton Icing Gel “red” together. I used a paintbrush specifically for food and I painted the inside of the beak red. Once everything had set, I covered the entire cupcake in yellow “stars” to look like “hair”. Then using fondant I made a tiny pink tongue and his eyeballs, I made his eyelids out of pink and blue and simply placed them on top of the eyeballs.

ImageCookie Monster and Oscar were done with very similar techniques. Cookie monster was first covered in “hair” with Wilton Tip #233 and then I made two large circle for his eyes, I added black dots using Wilton Tip #3 and drew on a mouth. I broke some mini cookies into smaller pieces and stuck them in his mouth.


For Oscar, I covered him in “hair” just like Cookie Monster and then made his eyes out of fondant. I used the black icing to make his eyes and mouth. I made his eyebrows out of brown fondant and his tongue out of red.


Voila! Not only were they yummy but they’re also fun to make and even more fun to give away!Image

Ice Cream Birthday Party!

This past Sunday we had the pleasure of hosting a fabulous birthday party for a very special little girl! The theme was an “Ice Cream Shoppe” and we had so much fun coming up with creative ideas. The guests got to make Ice Cream Cone Necklaces out of Scupley and Beads.  Then in the kitchen we made mini cupcakes which we iced and then put into cones. Here’s a great recipe for mini cupcakes. Once they’ve cooled down we used royal icing and sprinkles to decorate them and then just simply placed the cupcakes into the cones.

The party ended with a grand feast of Ice Cream Cake (no real ice cream was used in the making of the cake)!

The cake was made from “traditional birthday cake” recipe and then iced with buttercream icing. We used two separate pans for the cake and once baked we cut each cake into two and filled them with buttercream icing. So really, the cake was made up for 4 layers altogether. We used fondant in various colours  to make the circles that are around the cake.

We added the cones at the very last minute as we didn’t want them to get soggy from being refrigerated. For the cones, we simply used a serrated knife and very gently cut them in half and then pushed them into the cake. They were the perfect height so the outside rim sat almost right on the cake. Using the buttercream icing we did the swirls and added a cinnamon heart on the top for the cherry! It was such a fun birthday party and we were so pleased to host it!

Hamburger Cupcakes!


Our creative treats class made delicious hamburger cupcakes and cookie french fries today and I just couldn’t resist putting them on our blog! It’s a great baking activity to do with your kids, or on your own! You could serve these at a party and have your guests build their own hamburger cupcakes. Follow these steps to make your own.


  • 12 vanilla cupcakes
  • 6-12 chocolate cupcakes
  • 1 recipe of sugar dough
  • 3 small brown paper bags
  • 1 bag of coconut
  • Green food colouring
  • Red fondant
  • Orange fondant
  • Sesame seeds
  • Zip lock bag
  • 1 Tsp of Corn Syrup

Step 1: Bake Vanilla and Chocolate Cupcakes. Make Sugar Dough

We made ours from scratch but you could definitely buy a box of the pre-made mix if you want to save some time. You can find some great cupcake recipes online, here’s a good one for Vanilla Cupcakes and one for Chocolate Cupcakes. One recipe of each will give you 12 hamburgers, with plenty of leftover hamburger patties. Tip: you can bake the cupcakes without the liners to avoid having lines on your cupcakes (we didn’t do this because we have so many kids in the class and it would have resulted in a lot of cleaning)!

ImageAfter the sugar dough had been in the fridge for an hour, we took it out and shaped the dough into french fries. We baked the fries in the oven and kept an eye on them, because you want them to brown perfectly.


Step 2

We used butter knives, in order for the kids to be able to cut their own cupcakes. You could use a sharp bread knife to get perfect cuts and to avoid crumbly cupcakes. You’re going to cut the vanilla cupcakes into halves and the chocolate into thirds. On some vanilla cupcakes you may need to cut a little off the bottom to get the right size bun.

ImageStep 3

Now comes the fun part (as if you weren’t already having fun)! First we’re going to make the “lettuce”. You’ll need your coconut, green food colouring and a zip lock bag.

ImagePut the coconut in the zip lock bag and add some drops of green food colouring, seal the bag up and shake away. Continue to add food colouring until you obtain your desired “lettuce” colour.

Step 4

Next you’re going to add your “tomato” and “cheese”. You can buy pre-coloured fondant or colour the fondant yourself with icing gels. Simply mold the fondant into the shapes you desire. We flattened the cheese and used the sides of the knife to get a square shape. We then made a disc for the tomato. You want to make sure that both shapes are big enough to hang off the hamburger, so you can see it from all sides.


 Step 5

Now you can assemble your hamburger! We used a bit of corn syrup and water to act as glue for the lettuce, so it didn’t fall off the hamburger. We took the extra red fondant that was left and wrapped it up in tin foil to have it look like a dipping container for ketchup. You could also use strawberry sauce or raspberry (without the seeds). Or if you have a salty/sweet tooth just go for the real thing! Finally, put a toothpick through the hamburger to hold everything together and presto, you’ve got delicious hamburger cupcakes!


Night Time Birthday Party


We hosted a fabulous birthday party on Sunday! The birthday girl had picked “night time” as her theme. We made beautiful “night time” boxes with lots of scary critters and glow in the dark stars! Then we made cupcakes with blue royal icing and yellow fondant stars on. It was lots of fun and a great, new theme for us!  IMG_1022 IMG_1025