Bring your class to a destination where hands-on learning is at the heart of their education. Ontario ministry curriculum based programs are offered in specific strands of the Social Science and Science & Technologies curriculum expectations for Grade 1 through Grade 6.  Students are invited to reflect, ask questions and develop ideas related to what they have learned about specific topics. Each half-day program includes an overview of the topic, a related art project and a relevant hands-on food experience that is served to the students for lunch. Please contact Nikki Goldman-Stroh to arrange the details of your curriculum programming and pricing at nikki@seasonsfamilycentre.com

Social Sciences: 

Heritage & Citizenship

Grade 1: Relationships, Rules, and Responsibilities

Grade 2: Traditions and Celebrations

Grade 3: Early Settlements in Upper Canada

Grade 4: Medieval Times

Grade 5: Early Civilizations

Grade 6: First Nation Peoples and European Explorers

Canada and World Connections

Grade 1: The Local Community

Grade 2: Features of Communities Around the World

Grade 3: Urban and Rural Communities

Grade 4: Canada’s Provinces,Territories, and Regions

Grade 5: Aspects of Citizenship and Government in Canada

Grade 6: Canada’s Links to the World

Science and Technologies:

Life Systems 

Grade 1: Characteristics and Needs of Living Things

Grade 2: Growth and Changes in Animals

Grade 3: Growth and Changes in Plants

Grade 4: Habitats and Communities

Grade 5: Human Organ Systems

Grade 6: Diversity of Living Things