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Excerpts from: Unleash Your Child’s Creativity - by Lisa Van De Geyn

“Creativity fosters healthy self-esteem and individuality, and creative people are known to be more independent, resourceful and sensitive” says Nikki Goldman-Stroh, the director of Seasons Family Centre, an arts-based centre in Toronto. 

Up to age 4

“The great thing about this age group is that these kids find the most unexpected things entertaining” says Goldman-Stroh. “For a child, a paper-towel roll can be a light sabre and a paper plate can be a mask”

Ages 12 & up

At the Seasons Family Centre, Goldman-Stroh gets older kids to unleash their creativity through classes, like the centre’s special-effects make up class. “The appeal of a class to a teen is that they can sign up and do it with their friends” she says. They can learn or work on a skill that interests them, and be social at the same time. 

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