Just for Teens!

Join us for our weekly program that will help prepare students for living on their own. From basic breakfast to fancy dinners, learn all the recipes and feel confident in the kitchen! It's this idea of equipping young adults with the skills to make their own food and become more independent that has lasting benefits on their health and their self-esteem. Not to mention they can now cook for their parents! Join our instructor for this 8 week course where you will learn the fundamentals of cooking for yourself. 

Healthy Eating $320 (plus HST) for 8 weeks

Start Date: March 28th 

Download our Winter Term Cook Book here! 

Tuesdays 4:30 - 6:00pm


Making Minis

Students will construct miniature room boxes based on a scene of their choice. A room box is a display box used for three-dimensional miniature scale environments, or scale models. Room boxes are used for all sorts of environments – exterior views as well as interior ones, realistic ones as well as fantastical ones. The students are invited to be as creative in their thinking as possible and to explore various materials. They will learn to make miniature furniture as well as food and any other props they wish to display in their scene. Making miniatures give students an opportunity to enhance their fine motor skills and walk away with something they can be very proud of and keep forever. 

Making Minis $290 (plus HST) for 8 weeks - private sessions available

Instructor: Nikki Goldman-Stroh

Day & Time Offered (price is based on one class per week for 8 weeks) 

Tuesdays: 5:00 - 6:30pm

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