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Seasons Newest Client!!

I had my second c-section on May 11th at 12:45, it was a scheduled c-section. I’ve learned a lot of new facts about second c-sections and I think it may be worthwhile to share with moms who are anticipating going under the big knife again. Please note that all facts are based on my personal experience and every woman’s birth story is different….so use my knowledge but don’t hold me to it. Here are 3 facts I now know about second time c-sections: Having a scheduled c-section is probably one of the most civilized way to give birth. The recovery time on your second c-section is definitely easier than the first time. It really sucks not being able to lift your first-born child, like really sucks. Here are 3 facts I now know about second babies Second babies are easier, they themselves may not be an easy baby, but the shock of what has happened to your life is eliminated, it’s like riding a bicycle, you never forget. The hormonal roller coaster still climbs up …

Food Fit For a King!

There were so many things I said I would never do as a parent and then I became one. I swore my baby would be on a schedule, I would not give him a soother, I would never have him in our bed, the list goes on and on. However, there was one thing I said I would do and have so far stuck to it and that’s making my own baby food. This way I know what’s going into his little tummy and since he’s well into solids now it’s actually pretty fun concocting new recipes and experimenting with all the purees! My biggest issue (and I’m sure many others) is that there’s never enough time in a day. Being a working mom and having others watch your baby means you don’t always get a say about what goes in their tummies. Plus, since I enjoy food so much I’m not really into basing our meals around his simplistic tastes. So, I was only really left with one option: a 3 hour cook fest …

Baby & Me Fitness Class

This is a photo from our Tummy Time class, which is going into its fifth week next week and the wee little ones are doing so well! For winter term we will be offering Baby & Me Fitness. Now you can get your workout in and spend time with your baby simultaneously. Use your baby as your resistance and develop good work out form as you use your precious bundle like a weight in the gym. For more information about this class, please contact us at