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Haunted House Props! DIY

Our annual haunted house is just around the corner and we’re very busy getting ready for it! This year we’ve made a lot of changes to our haunted house which means we needed to create a whole new set of props and sets. We’re going to have a fortune teller, which obviously means we need a fortune teller booth! We bought the “children market stand” from Ikea and transformed it into a glitzy fortune teller booth. This was a straight forward DIY with a lot of painting, gluing and adding sparkles. Next on our list was to make some more eerie ghosts for our haunted cave (new this year)! We bought paper mache masks from Michaels. We then painted them white, both the outside and inside of the mask. Once the mask were dry we draped cheese cloth over the mask and then just put a thin layer of podgy  over the cheese cloth (just on the surface of the mask). Our last project for this week was making  books. We want to hang the …


Join us on Thursday June 7th from 6:00-8:00pm for a charity art show at Seasons! All artwork will be sold for $25 and all proceeds from sales will be donated to the Academy of Lions Foundation for Youth. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at


Joy was a great, big hit! Joy will be featured in SNAP (July 1st, stay tuned for the link) and was also listed in NOW magazine as well as a local beaches newspaper. Thanks so much to all that they came out and supported Red Door Shelter. A special thanks to Nason & Co and Poster Boy Edit for doing such an incredible job on the food (which was a work of art in itself).   Another special thanks to Donview Middle School for providing such fabulous music.    Annnnd last but not least to the Wedding Cake Shoppe for their delicious cupcakes and Deserres for their silent auction prize.


A collaborative children’s art show with all proceeds from sales donated to Red Door Shelter. What: JOY is an art show that brings together different schools, organizations and centres from around Toronto. Children submit artistic canvases and then all pieces are sold for $25, the proceeds from the sales are donated to Red Door Shelter. This year, Havergal College has sponsored students from Art Heart to participate. Kingsway College School and Donview Middle School will also be submitting art. The theme for this year’s show is JOY, participants are asked to depict what brings them/the world JOY. What makes this show so unique is that children from more fortunate circumstances put forth an incredible effort to help those in need. The “JOY” of art brings children from all sorts of backgrounds to together and allows them an opportunity to increase their self-confidence and self-esteem through participating in the event! Why: JOY’s mission is to help those less fortunate while also providing aspiring young artists who may not be privy to such a showcase/opportunity to participate in …