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It’s that time of year….back to school and therefore our Tiny Tots are back to learning their letters! Our tots are wee guys, but that’s the perfect time to start with an introduction to letters! We pick one letter a week and focus on it, we expose the tots to the letter in our morning circle and then base our fine motor activity on the letter as well. For some of our little guys, it’s their first time being exposed to the alphabet and others are grasping letter concepts. It is believed that children who can quickly recognize letters have an easier time learning their letter sounds. For other great resources on how to teach letter recognition, check out Here are a few examples of some of the art we’ve made for A, B and C ūüôā

Our Kids Private School Expo

To preschool or not. What kind of preschool. What’s the difference between Montessori and Waldorf? Should I send my children to private school for the long-term? How do I pick a private school? Can I afford private school? These are all questions that you can have answered at the¬†Our Kids Private School Expo. There are so many school choices available to parents , and now you can see them all under one roof. The¬†Toronto Private School Expo¬†is the place to meet private and independent school leaders, find out about the admission process, learn about scholarships and more. If you’re thinking about picking a school for your child you should attend your event.¬†Seasons Family Centre¬†is pleased to offer our community¬†free¬†admission when you pre-register. See the details below.